What is InWorkAt?

InWorkAt is designed and developed to allow you to manage your rota. You can add, edit and remove shifts.

More information can be found over on the frequently asked questions page.

Cookie policy

InWorkAt uses cookies as a way to store your login information if you have checked the 'remember me' box upon signing in to the website.

Other third party cookies from services such as Google may be used but are not set by InWorkAt.

For more information on cookies, check out AboutCookies.org.

Below you can find a list of cookies which are set by InWorkAt, and why.

Cookie name Example value Description
UserPin 313 When logging in, your user pin will be kept in this cookie so InWorkAt is able to log you in each time you revisit if you have ticked the 'remember me?' box upon logging in.
UserKey 3135611 This cookie is stored for the exact same reason as UserPin, except it will hold your user key.